Acts 29 Missions has served the nation of Haiti since for almost 20 years.  During our first 8 years in Haiti, we focused on building a church in Titanyen. It was exciting to be able to help put into place, ministry & feeding opportunities that were beforehand non-existent. We were able to begin outreach from there to Minotree, Sourcematlas, Simonnette and St Gerard. The very first year, we witnessed the Tintanyen church grow from 63 people to over 600.


2007 - we began a new work

We were used to begin a new work in the villages of Packing and Ti-Plas. In Packing, we began to have over 100 women come together weekly to worship and learn about God under a small piece of property. The property was actually on Voodoo land which meant the Voodoo Master was not welcoming. However, months later, the Voodoo land-owner accepted Christ from seeing the fruit in His people and our church in Ti-Plas was born.



When the nation of Haiti was struck with 4 hurricanes, we realized that a new need became present. After seeing the devastation in the city of Cabaret, we began following the destruction up the river valley to an area called section 4. Since we began the work in Section 4, we quickly found that multiple villages went up into the mountains and were entirely unreached by any missionaries or aid. This became our new home and mission, to serve these people and help meet their needs.


2011-2015 - giving Education

We acquired property in one of these mountain villages called Ropissa. This property helped us stay more localized to the neighboring villages that were difficult to reach. We began to see that the children and adults in these villages could not read or write and for generations, lacked any means to have education. Because education was unattainable in this area, we felt led to raise over $500,000 from dear friends, churches & organizations. Together, we built a school in Ropissa to begin means of offering education for the first time. 

2017-2018 - seventeen Villages and counting

We now use the school property also as a Missions Training Center that teaches Haitians how to reach their own people and meet the needs of their neighbors. God also provided a way for us to purchase a new section of land where we began the project of building a new facility for those who visit us on short term trips.  Acts 29 now ministers in 17 villages spanning from villages on the Coast, through the City of Cabaret, and high up into the Mountains of Haiti.


Our Team




Don is the president of Acts 29 Ministries, a pastor, a missionary, an author, the husband to his wife Sandra and father to his son Michael and daughter Laura. His family has served overseas together and separate, following the call of God on their lives since 1994.

In 2000 he moved his family to Haiti to focus on the church, both physically and spiritually. Don and Sandee, along with the staff of Acts 29 Missions are dedicated to seeing God change the nation of Haiti one person at a time.

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DIRECTOR of operations

Jean Bernard first began working with us in 2007. It was amazing to see how he had such a gift to minister to children. In many of our meetings we would have adults in one area and children in another. After 2 years JB's leadership abilities began to show how he could direct many of our ministries while being able to bring others on staff to help accomplish all we do. 

Through his help, we have been able to ensure that we do things properly through the local government and with the elders of each village. Jean Bernard is our Haitian Director and has been instrumental in taking Acts 29 to the next level.




Henryclaude has become a valuable asset to all out outreaches in the villages. He was instrumental in seeing the bathrooms built in the city of Cabaret to help stop the spread of Cholera. He is also one of our leaders for our youth.

Upon recently graduating, we are proud to now have him as the Principal of our school. Henryclaude oversees hundreds of students, their activities and all extracurricular activities at College of Acts 29.

He is also oversight of food preparation for our school lunch program. 



tech / youth directoR

Maxime Desir has a great talent for music and youth. We use his DJ talents to gather the youth for our Youth Ministry. Maxime has a great heart to reach children and youth in the villages around us. Once he sets up his computer and sound system, we will have hundreds of people gathering around to see and hear all that is happening.

As well, he is in change of all our Widows Care Programs. From planning, purchasing and distribution of supplies for widows, he makes every outreach successful. Maxime is an awesome and much needed part of our ministries.


board member

Mark Smith has been a great leader for Living Word Church in Dayton for many years. After much prayer, God directed us to bring Mark in as a full-time board member.

Mark's skills in financial ministry help him to oversee all our official papers here in the United States. Basically he makes sure that we can continue financially before we begin new projects! Mark is married and has two daughters.



Todd has a great love for his family, ministry and missions. He serves God alongside his wife, two daughters and their families. He started Fellowship of Christian Athletes in his local high school and takes many of the athletes into the missions field.

Todd works in the church furniture and commercial flooring business and is a great asset to Acts 29 Missions



Randy Thome has been instrumental in helping to build the school in Ropissa, Haiti. He is married and has two sons that serve our country overseas. Randy has a passion for wrestling, and has helped his local school become state champions in wrestling for three years. 

Randy works for Frito-Lay Corporation and continues to be a huge part of our children's success in education and spirituality.



Since Joe's first trip to Haiti in 2006, he has been instrumental in the progress of Acts 29 Missions. He is married to his wife Lorna who visits Haiti regularly as well. 

With many of our projects in a 3rd world environment needing design and building expertise, Joe is able to oversee and make these happen. 





Bio coming soon.




Bio coming soon.




Sandee and Don work together as a team. While many are in Haiti, Sandee is keeping track of things from the States.

Her background in business working for Fortune 500 companies makes her one of the most needed on our team as she handles correspondence and administration. Sandee "holds down the fort" for us remotely.


Michael Adamson

trip Leader / creative director

Helping with ministry ideas & making sure media needs are up-to-date, Michael does what he can for Acts 29 Missions from his current home with his wife & son in DFW, Texas.